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Runway: Givenchy Resort 2012

June 14, 2011

Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci embraced bright and bold for his Resort 2012 collection and most prominently figured was the unmistakable floral print, which was seen not only on shift dresses and pencil skirts, but also on shorts, sweatshirts, blouses and even shoes.  Keeping with the sporty trend of the Resort season, models were topped off with crocodile-trimmed visors (yes, you heard correctly, VISORS).  How tennis-mom chic!

Cropped sweaters (REALLY cropped sweaters) will serve you well in winter when you want to show some cleavage while keeping your neck and arms nice and toasty.  Athletic-inspired tees were a stylized version of the ones you had to wear in gym class.  And the lanyards?…a little too freshman year of college for my taste, but it might work for those who have never had to endure the torture of dorm life.

All kidding aside, the collection was inspired and inspiring (word play, cue Jason Mraz), and has me dreaming of playing basketball in 4-inch sequined heels another Givenchy red carpet moment (a la Kate Blanchett, in case you don’t remember…shame on you if that’s the case).


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