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Runway Roundup: Michael Kors Resort 2012

June 3, 2011

Note to self: Add ‘scuba diving’ to my Bucket List.   Also add ‘scuba diving in Michael Kors Resort 2012’ to my Unadvisable, Although Deliciously Tempting List.   His en pointe collection will have you seeing starfish and the looks range from neon neoprene to gold brocade and enough updated zebra print to keep me whinnying all the way to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Kors fits right into the trends for this Croiserie season, mixing sleek silhouettes with bright colors and keeping all the looks versatile and easy.  I most def approve.

The waist accessories, though, hmmm…the jury is still out.  Am I willing to risk castrating my love life or endure boat loads of public crotch stares take a frisk (fashion risk, for the less-versed of you) for the sake of scuba-inspired flat fanny packs?  To address this question, let me pose another question: Do I wear enough coral lipstick to keep most potential suitors at least 10 feet away from my face?  OBVIOUSLY.  So, in case my answer to the initial question isn’t obvious enough: YES, I will be rocking the unintentional chastity belt, while also being able to conveniently store my iPhone and credit cards directly on my left hip.   I don’t see any drawbacks, do you?

So ladies and tubbies, take a peek for yourself and weigh in on the nether-region storage units yourself.  Oh, and feel free to comment on the actual clothes as well.

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