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Friday Playlist: June 3rd

June 3, 2011

To start off my Friday playlist, I am picking a song by my sister’s favorite, Bruno Mars.  The reason I’m being so nice and kind and generous and amazing today: It’s my sister’s 21st birthday!!  (But the bitch lady refuses to let me in on her birthday plans so that I can’t crash her party.)  No, I don’t want to marry her, but I thought I might kill two birds with one stone, since it was my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary last weekend, and choose “Marry Me” by Bruno Mars to kick things off:

Next up, Simon and Garfunkel “Mrs. Robinson”.  Lyrical content aside, the song has a sweet (not like DUDE SWEET, but like sugar and spice and everything nice sweet) sound that is perfect for a beautiful sunny summer Friday.  Let’s leave it at that and just enjoy.  Please.

Finally, for those of you who think Lady Gaga is the first artist to push the limits, think again and take a time-out, shame on you.  Madonna was the original Mama Monster and Queen of the Gays, as is so clearly evident from her 1990 MTV Awards performance of “Vogue”.   So today, I pay homage to Madonna for her extravagance and over-the-top looks that DIDN’T BANKRUPT HER (because that’s just crazy).

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