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What I Want, How I’ll Get It…

June 2, 2011

For this edition of ‘What I Want, How I’ll Get It’ I scoured the interwebs for a perfect summer outfit and while doing so, not only found some hawt (yes, hawt) looks, but also learned a thing or two about little old me.  First, I LOVE neutrals.  Perhaps its because I have an obsession with items of clothing that match the color of my flesh, or the fact that I really don’t need brightly-colored attire to attract attention to me – you see, the sheer volume of my “indoor voice” does that for me.  Second, vests are kind of my thing.  Plus, is there anything more appropriate for summer than a sleeveless biker vest??  Me thinks not.

So let’s jump right into it tubbies:

Alexander Wang suede trim vest; Ray-Ban large wayfarers; Diane von Furstenberg leather wedge sandal; Yves Saint Laurent brass metal cage cuff; Anna Sui circle-lace shorts; The Row scoop-back jersey tank.

Vest, check.  Crocheted shorts, check.  Gold cuff that nearly reaches my elbow, obviously a check.  On a good day, I wouldn’t wear anything underneath the vest (shirts? pshhh! who needs ’em??) but I thought I would spare you that image be more appropriate and add a tank.  And, ladies and ladies, drumroll please: The GRAND TOTAL of this look: $3645!  I hope that didn’t just make you choke on your venti iced green tea (I did).

Needless to say, this is just a teeny tiny bit completely and utterly not within my budget.  Alas, never satisfied with full price, I did some digging and voila! I am happy to report I found a similar look for only $3000 LESS.

Joseph sleeveless linen biker jacket; Forever 21 F0868 sunglasses; DV by Dolce Vita wedge sandal; ASOS cage cuff; Mikkat Market lace shorts; American Vintage cotton tank.

Okay, so the vest isn’t Alexander Wang, but, hey I’m a girl on a budget and one can’t have everything one wants unless you’re sleeping with a high-ranking married government official.  And now that its OFFICIALLY ‘wear white’ season, a white-on-white porno ensemb is completely legit.

So there you have it my geldorf peaches!  Another successful episode of ‘What I Want, How I’ll Get It’ is complete and I want you to know that it wouldn’t mean anything without you.  Hugs and kisses yahoos!

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