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Stylespiration: Resort 2012

May 27, 2011

Although we’re only a few shows into the Resort 2012 runway season, already the results have been stunning.  From gorgeous layers of colored chiffon at Bottega Veneta to the graphic paper hats seen atop the models at Oscar de la Renta, this season’s resort wear has us drooling for more.  We did think, however, that it might be prudent to mention a few looks that might raise a lawsuit an eyebrow or two because of their striking semblance to common, yet far less glamourous Doppelgangers.

Let’s begin with one of the most prestigious of fashion houses: the illustrious and ever chic Chanel.  While most of the Chanel Resort 2012 runway oozed wealth, glamour, and the idyllic lives of those that have both, there was one look that had me scratching my straw-hat head.

I mean, nothing says high class like circus chic…AM I RIGHT?  While the comparisons are, in my opinion, striking, it’s still hard to imagine why the infamous fashion house would take inspiration from, well, a carnival barker.  But, then again, maybe it’s not so impossible to imagine the legend of Lagerfeld having once been a child who may have enjoyed a circus or two during his obviously couture childhood, right??  No, absolutely not.  I think he was birthed a fully grown man; white ponytail, sunglasses, fingerless gloves and all.

BUT, my precious peaches, Unkle Karl wasn’t the ONLY one to take style-spiration from a very unexpected place this season.  While I love killing animals for handbags faux fur and crocodile skin just as much as the next, feathers (I’m talking LOTS of feathers) have always taken the cake for me.  BUT, not so sure I can get behind a dress inspired by a creature with by far the largest REAR END to head size ratio in the entire animal kingdom.

That said, I would take that feathered clutch over an ostrich burger ANY DAY. (Perhaps that’s not quite a fair comparison considering A. I’ve never even had an ostrich burger and B. Something tells me ostrich meat might be stringy and extremely un-tasty, but I actually don’t care enough to change it.)

Ok, so maybe this next comparison isn’t COMPLETELY fair considering that one dress is the uber-chic creation of a fashion genius, while the other is an extremely overly-priced (not to mention overly-rhinestoned) dress worn by children who wear more makeup than most drag queens adult women.  But, for the sake of content, I’m doing it:

Here’s the real question though: Will beauty pageant sashes become an appropriate accessory this summer?  I vote yes, yes, and YES.  ALL DAY.  If hoards of tiny little beauty queens can adorn themselves with colorful sashes that mean very little in the long run endorse a great achievement, why can’t a professional adult woman do the same?

And this, my loves, is where I leave you because I’m currently too preoccupied racking my brain trying to recall any shred of fabric in my apartment I can quickly DIY into a sash announcing to the world my greatness (although this is already evident, obviously) to finish this post with any more quality Stylespiration.

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