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What I Want…How I’ll Get It.

May 4, 2011
I think it’s safe to say that many people secretly (or not so secretly) wish for Leonardo DiCaprio in bed all the money in the world so as to go anywhere, buy anything, or do anyone whatever we wanted.  I proudly count myself among you who dare to dream so big.  Instead of working during the day, I scroll through pages and pages of celebrity fashion and designer clothes risking life and limb my job and a severe case of carpal tunnel.  Alas, my endless browsing is to no avail: I can’t afford the luxurious items I crave.  Fortunately for us both, I spent an extra four hours 30 minutes scouring the web for a look I can actually afford.

So, while the chances of me sweeping off to a private yacht docked next to P. Diddy’s are slim, I can at least dress the part in today’s installment of What I Want…How I’ll Get It.  Enjoy!

What I Want...
How I'll Get It...
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