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Why I Shouldn’t Be Allowed on the Roads…

March 14, 2011

For those of you who don’t know me so well, my closest friends would tell you in a heartbeat that I can tend to be a bit of a road rager, if you know what I mean.  I’m impatient, loud, fast, and obnoxious (WHILE DRIVING jerks).  Knowing this, I also think that my fellow drivers, well, suck.  Living in Chicago, I make the trip home to my parents’ place in Milwaukee at least a few times a month.  This is a commute that should take an hour and a half to two hours MAX (See map below:),-87.791855&spn=1.16326,0.32433&output=embed
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How long does it normally take me?  Well, only two hours, but that’s beside the point.  The point is: the drivers on the road between these two fair cities annoy me. 

First of all, I can’t even count how many cars drive just a tad bit over speed limit in the left lane.  And for those of you who are confused as to why this is annoying to me, well, you are the drivers I’m talking about.  The left lane is for people who drive fast; fast as in 10 to 15+ miles per hour OVER the speed limit. 

Second, it really doesn’t bother me when you’re driving the speed limit, as long as I can get around you.  That said, it is absolutely heart attack-inducing when drivers cut me off just as I’m making my move to pass.  As the great Cee-Lo Green once said, “WHHYYYYYYY BAAABBYYYY” would you do that? 

Next, semi-trucks.  Need I say more?  Get out of my way.

Finally, and dare I say, most importantly, elderly men and women (I love and respect you all dearly) but please (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) stay off the highways every day at least Mondays through Fridays.  That would be a great help to my arriving at my destination earlier than my ETA. 

Well I certainly am feeling much better now.  I’m going to finish my tea and start continue my day. 

xo Allie

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